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Spots still open for the Art of Leadership, Aug 18-23

There are still a few spots open for Robert Gass’ life-changing Art of Leadership 5-day intensive. It takes place at the height of summer at the gorgeous Hollyhock retreat centre on Cortes Island, B.C., Canada. The training runs from August 18-23rd, 2013. Click here for more info.

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Workshop: Cultivating Women’s Leadership in New Mexico, August 20-25, 2013

I have heard nothing but RAVES about this life-changing workshop for women seeking to lift one another up, address internalized opression, deepen their power and soar in their leadership. It was founded by a remarkable team of powerful leaders in their own right:  Nina Simons, co-founder of Bioneers, and Toby Herzlich and Akaya Winwood  of the Rockwood Leadership Institute .  The next  retreat for Cultivating Women’s Leadership is being held from Aug 20-25 at the gorgeous Ocamora Retreat Center in a pristine mountain valley in New Mexico, USA.  For more information, visit: Bioneer’s site here. Applications are being accepted up til July 1st; apply here. Some scholarships are still available.

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‘Interpersonal Leadership Styles’ Assessment for High Functioning, Collaborative Teams


ILS teaches how to ‘flex’ for different styles

“Wow,” said Robert, looking over at me with a big smile. “They are REALLY loving this!”  Robert Gass, master facilitator and co-founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, sat beside co-trainer Gibran Rivera and I in the sunlit meeting room at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, high in the mountains of Colorado. The three of us were watching our hilarious, brilliant colleague, Jose Acevedo, exuberantly leading a group of 24 leaders through a half-day training on Interpersonal Leadership Styles. It is one of the most popular modules in Rockwood’s year-long Leading from the Inside Out program for national non-profit leaders.  Four groups of participants were clustered around flipcharts in in each corner of the room. The energy of each group was remarkably different: some were laughing and punching one another on the shoulders, others were fiercely debating, some pondering silently and gently offering suggestions to one another, as they reflected on their different working styles.  And they were, indeed, loving it.

In fact, I have heard back now from dozens of leaders about the power and impact of having gone through a team-wide training in Interpersonal Leadership styles. Why? People walk away with a keener sense of their blind spots and their strengths as leaders – and of their team-mates’. Rather than feeling judged for those differences, or limited by narrow definitions (something I had feared), it turns out that participants become vastly more appreciative, not just tolerant, of one another’s differences.

The ability to work across difference and to harvest the gifts those differences bring is an essential skill for today’s leaders.  Leaders simply must become adept at recognizing and working with not only differences of power and rank as expressed through race, sexual orientation, class, and ability, but differences in style.  Interpersonal Leadership Styles, or ILS, is an accessible tool that supports this kind of learning. And it offers immediate take-aways in terms of how to flex, even in periods of stress, to make the most of one anothers’ unique perspectives.

Interpersonal Leadership Styles is one of several typologies over the past several decades based on the work of Jung and others, to help map out the different leadership styles individuals tend to bring to their teams. Other typologies you may have heard of include Myers-Briggs, Colby, or DISC. It turns out they are all based on largely the same body of Jungian-based social science research – just packaged differently. But the concept isn’t new. In fact, the Chinese first invented work-related typologies over 4,000 years ago, to help assign civil servants to appropriate roles based on their unique styles and aptitudes.

I and most of my other fellow leadership trainers at Rockwood chose to get certified in ILS because, compared to other systems, we found it simpler to grasp and apply immediately. Most of the sessions I facilitate are between 2.5 and 3 hours, although full-day versions are also offered by many of Stratton Consultants’ licensees.  And while at first I resisted pursuing certification in any such system, I became convinced after repeatedly observing the power of teams who embrace their stylistic differences.

For more information about ILS, contact Stratton Consulting.

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Canadian Women Voters Congress: Call for Board nominations

Did you know that there are more women holding elected office in Afghanistan than there are in Canada?  The Canadian Women Voter’s Congress has worked long and hard  to ensure women in Canada have the skills and confidence to actively participate in democracy. They offer longest-running non-partisan Women’s Campaign School in Canada.  They’re currently seeking nominations for its Board of Directors; the deadline is May 26, 2013. It’s a fantastic leadership opportunity. Click here for more information.

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NEW COURSE: Measuring Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Practices


The talented, results-driven team at Anima Leadership has a brand-new workshop offering: Measuring Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Practices, on May 23rd, 2013 in downtown Toronto.  I frequently work with organizations that struggling to become more inclusive, diverse and reflective of the communities they serve.  The team at Anima Leadership is simply brilliant at this work,  fusing the latest research from neuroscience, psychology, prejudice reduction, organizational development and mindfulness with proven practices for sustaining organizational performance. Now they’ve surveyed the latest smart practices research on recruitment, retention and advancement in order to develop unique diversity instruments for measuring inclusion in the workplace. Assess where your organization is at and where it wants to go using the Anima Inclusive Workplace Toolkit.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What gets in the way of establishing a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • Leadership competencies for developing Diversity Champions including emotional intelligence, mindfulness and authentic connection.
  • How unconscious bias results in “blind spots” within all individuals and organizations and the importance of developing bias detection and management skills.
  • How to apply the Anima Inclusive Organizational Practices Continuum using seven factors for measuring organizational change with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion.

For anyone on the East Coast and/or in the Toronto area (or beyond), this will be a fantastic workshop. Click here for more information.

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Authentic facilitation: Two upcoming trainings June 10-11 in Toronto

Anima Leadership, one of Canada’s most insightful, intelligent and experienced transformational leadership teams, is offering two back-to-back facilitation trainings at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation. Authentic Facilitation 1: Learning to facilitate with presence of ease is on June 10th, followed by Authentic Facilitation 2: Learning to sit in the fire of conflict on June 11th. Check here for registration and details.

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Upcoming workshop: How to tell more compelling stories using photos

Nothing launches stories into the heats and minds of our audiences like a powerful image. So don’t miss “Behind the Lens of a Veteran Photojournalist: How to Tell More Compelling Stories Using Photos” on Wednesday, April 21st at 10 AM PDT. It’s the latest webinar from the brilliant media and messaging team at Resource Media in Seattle. It’s one hour, it’s free, and offers concrete tips and tools for social change  & environmental organizations. Presenters are Matt Brashears (12 year photojournalist) and Sian Wu (communications guru); click here for details and to register.

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