Be a Racial Justice Hero

As Martin Luther King day just passed, the team at posted a great little article on how to be a ‘racial justice superhero’ all year long. Terry Keleher writes: “Racial Transformers don’t fixate on who’s a racist or whether someone intends animus. For they know that the deepest racism lies not just in the hearts and minds of individuals, but in the roles and rules of big institutions—like schools, courtrooms and corporations. That’s their primary focus of change—these familiar systems of power, churning out deep and deadly racial inequities by the day…. All it takes is a little drilling down into your daily routine—examining what’s going on and what you can do differently. Begin by thinking about the institutions you routinely interact with—stores, banks, media outlets, health facilities, schools, your workplace, community or religious organizations, city government and so on.” It’s a quick read full of terrific reminders of the kinds of individual practices and intentions that can add up to transformative change.

And check out their great infographic – a playful, but powerful checklist of sorts on doing the work:

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